pixels in Valencia, Spain

The exhibition of DudockDeRooij on the golf course in Valencia, Spain is a great succes. The room is decorated with two specially created artworks. The special colours used make the room transform into a real museum. Therewith, the accoustic absorption of the artworks is unprecedented.

have you ever experienced digital pixel art in real life?

The artworks of DudockDeRooij find form in drawing and painting, with focus on the world of pixels. The colors and shapes painted on linen are always surprising and different.
Is it what you think it is? Or is it just something else.
Be surprised by the visual and colorful artworks of DDR.

Pixel Art – 220 x 60 cm

accoustic pixels, the artistic way for noise reduction

Recently the accoustic noise reduction was discovered. Peace, quiet and art, a perfect blend for your home or office.

more information?

Our work is on demand, colors used and size! Interested in what DDR can do for you, do you have questions or special inquiries? Leave your name, number, email and message in the form below and we will get back to you.

Pixel Art – 220 x 60 cm